Private Englsh Tour in Kyoto
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Sample Tours

We don't usually decide a detailed itinerary beforehand because it always changes on the spot.

We will listen to your request, and start from one popular place.

We will also suggest to visit some off-the-beaten-path temples.

Below are sample itineraries.

Indicated prices do not include admission fees, parking fees, etc.

East side 4hours (price- 22640 JPY)
Fushimi Inari shrine`Sanjusangendo temple`Kiyomizudera
Golden Temple 4hours (price- 22640 JPY)
Nijo castle`Ryoanji temple`Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion temple)
World Heritage 6hours (price- 33960 JPY)
Kiyomizu Temple`Nijo Castle`Lunch`Golden Temple`Ryoanj
East Side 7hours (price- 39620 JPY)
Fushimi Inari`Sanjusangendo`Lunch`Kiyomizu Temple`Silver Temple`Rengeji Temple
West Side 7hours (price- 39620 JPY)
Nijo Castle`Bamboo Forest`Lunch`Gioji temple`Otagi nenbutsuji temple`Ryoanji temple`Golden Temple
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