Private Englsh Tour in Kyoto
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We are fully booked until May 30th, 2024

Flexible Itinerary

We don't usually decide a detailed itinerary beforehand because it always changes on the spot.

We will listen to your request, and start from one popular place.

We would suggest to visit some off-the-beaten-path temples.

Below are sample itineraries.

Indicated prices do not include admission fees, parking fees, etc.

Sample Tours

East side 4hours (price- 28400 JPY for a sedan, 31950 JPY for a mini-van)
Fushimi Inari shrine`Sanjusangendo temple`Kiyomizudera
Golden Temple 4hours (price- 28400 JPY for a sedan, 31950 JPY for a mini-van)
Nijo castle`Ryoanji temple`Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion temple)
Photogenic 5hours (price- 35500 JPY for a sedan, 39050 JPY for a mini-van)
Fushimi Inari shrine`Arashiyama Bamboo forest`Otagi Nenbutsuji temple`Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion temple)
World Heritage 6hours (price- 42600 JPY for a sedan, 46150 JPY for a van)
Kiyomizudera Temple`Nijo Castle`Lunch`Golden Temple`Ryoanj
East Side 7hours (price- 49700 JPY for a sedan, 53250 JPY for a van)
Fushimi Inari`Sanjusangendo`Lunch`Kiyomizudera Temple`Silver Temple`Rengeji Temple
West Side 7hours (price- 49700 JPY for a sedan, 53250 JPY for a van)
Nijo Castle`Bamboo Forest`Lunch`Gioji temple`Otagi nenbutsuji temple`Ryoanji temple`Golden Temple


Fushimi Inari Shrine
Famous for the tunell formed by numerous orange gates, which is called Thousand Gates. The Actual number is more than ten thousand. We usually visit the main shrine and its inner shrine, getting through a part of the thousand gates.
Sanjusangendo temple
A Buddhist temple. Inside a 750 year-old building, you can see over one thousand wooden statues.
The main hall is on the hillside of Mt. Otowa surrounded by beautiful nature. Famous for its splended scenery from the mountain.
Nijo-jo castle
Built by Tokugawa Shogun in 1603. Famous for its beautiful garden, murals, wooden carvings, and so called "Nightingale floor", which is old security system. Nobody can walk without making squeaky noize.
Ryoanji (Rock Garden)
You can see one of the most simple zen gardens here. The abstract garden provokes various imaginations.
Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)
Originally built by a shogun in 1397. Second and third floor are covered with gold leaves. Present building was re-constructed in 1955.
Rengeji temple
Quiet small temple where you can enjoy serene Japanese garden as a framed view.
Gioji temple
Small, but you can enjoy very beautiful moss garden.
Otagi nenbutsuji temple
See unique 1200 rakan statues carved by visitors.
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