Private English Tour in KYOTO
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Can we customize our tour?
Yes. If you have a list, we will try to take you sites on your list as long as time permits.
Is your rate for one person or one group?
For one group. It covers all the people in a car.
What time and where does the tour starts?
Guests decide. Please designate pick up place and the time, and the guide will pick you up there. In most cases, tour starts at your accommodation or a train station.
How many people can you condut a tour?
6 people at most. Some of us can guide 4 people at most because of the capacity of our cars.
Does the prices include gas and toll?
Gas is included. We don't need toll road to tour around Kyoto.
Can you do Nara tour?
We can. It takes about one hour from Kyoto to get Nara. You need 4000 JPY extra for toll road.
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